Refund Policy

As per refund policy of CollegeDoor, a registered user can cancel an Application and claim a refund for the application fee paid for the course. As per this policy
  1. A registered user can claim a refund for a course applied by contacting within 7 days of applying to a course. A refund claims made after 7 days will not admissible.
  2. The applicant has to clearly provide the following details to claim the refund
    1. Order ID
    2. Course Details
    3. Date and Time of Application
  3. Refund will be given for only the amount that was paid for by the applicant for the particular course (subject to deduction of Discounts, Cashbacks, Taxes and Administrative Charges)
  4. This policy is not applicable for Free Courses; i.e. courses for which the user did not pay any application fee either because there was no Application Fee or because of Discounts offered by CollegeDoor.
  5. CollegeDoor retains the discretionary right to reject certain refund requests for users who exhibit a pattern of requesting repeated refunds or who have violated the Terms and Conditions that govern the usage of
  6. The refund policy is applicable for users within India. There is no refund available to users outside India.
By using our website, you accept this Refund Policy in full; accordingly, if you disagree with this policy or do not understand any part of the policy, you must not use our website.
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