1. I can’t register, what should I do
Ans. Simply use the Facebook Login. That is simple and you don’t need to register separately. Or send us a mail to support@collegedoor.inwe will be happy to create an account for you.
  1. What are the course categories?
  2. How do I use the filters?
You can use the filters on the Left hand side to narrow down your selection.
  1. The course I am looking for is not listed
Ans. College Door is not just an info provider where we scrap the web pages of the colleges from internet. We list only those courses for which we have an express agreement with the concerned college. We enter into an agreement with a college only when we are adequately convinced that this is the right college for us to partner. The process involves in person campus visits and discussion with faculty and management. As a result our list of courses may be a bit limited in the beginning. But do drop us a mail at with the course that you were looking for and we will strive to make it a part of our portfolio. Also like our Facebook page for constant updates about any new course added.
  1. Is everything given about the course and college correct?
Ans. As we mentioned earlier; we list only that information that is 100% authenticated by the college. Only exception may be the total course fee which is a rough estimation in some cases. Since some colleges just provide the first year’s fee break up, we need to make an estimate by multiplying that with the duration.  For Ex. ITS College of Engineering publishes an academic fee of Rs. 131,050 for B.Tech. for the academic year of 2016-17. Since the course has a duration of 4 years, we estimated the total course fee to be (4 years*Rs131,050)=Rs.531200
  1. Why is the application fee displayed in www.collegedoor.inlesser than what listed by the college in their site?
Ans. That is College Door’s DISCOUNT for you. We are grateful to have you on board and that is a small token of our appreciation.
  1. I am facing trouble while applying. What should I do
Ans. While we have made every effort to make the application process seamless; in the unfortunate event of you failing to apply to a course after a few attempts; please reach out to with the exact problem and description. We will solve that for you in a jiffy.
  1. I have applied to a course but have not received any communication in my registered email ID?
Ans. All communications from colleges; post application will be directed to the email ID that you provided while applying and not to your registered email ID. Check if you provided a correct email ID. In case you realize you had made a mistake; shoot a mail to with all details and we will try to resolve the issue to the best of our abilities. Also check spam folder as sometime mails do lend in there. If you still have not received any communication then reach out to the concerned college directly or shoot us a mail at the email ID given above. We will make sure that you receive an update soon.
  1. I have applied through College Door. Does it guarantee an admission?
Ans. No. Admission is the sole prerogative of the concerned college. But you can definitely increase your chances of admission by providing detailed information about yourself while applying to a course. Use the notes section at the bottom to capture any extra information that you want to pass on to the college apart from what is being asked in the form. Double check the information and make sure that you only provide that information which you can back up with required proof. It will be even better if you upload the scanned copies of your certificates while applying to a course
  1. Can’t find all courses of Delhi University in the site
Ans. We are listing only the 4 cut off lists of the most popular under graduate courses of Delhi University. But you can always use the links given in the DU Page to get the complete details from DU site
  1. Why can’t I apply to a Delhi University Course
Ans. College Door does not have any tie up with Delhi University and we are listing its courses only for information. We strongly suggest that you visit for details about Delhi University application process. You can also make online applications from the DU site directly  
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